Presidents of The Amici – 1978-Present

January 19th, 2017

Years President Profession
1978-1979 Geoffrey Wheeler TV Broadcaster
1979-1981 Donald Ibrahím Swann Composer
1981-1983 Johnny Morris OBE TV Presenter
1983-1984 Lionel Bentley Violinist
1984-1985 Andrew Shore Baritone
1985-1987 Christopher-Smith Flute
1991-1994 David Ragsdale Violin
1994-1995 Gillian Hughes Clarinet/Alto Saxophone
1995-1996 Malcolm Singer Composer/Conductor/Teacher
1996-1998 Trevor Hughes Keyboards/Organist/Conductor
1999-2003 Nigel Shipway Percussion
2003-2004 Dr John Cole General Practitioner/Conductor/Music Promoter
2008-2009 Bryan Shaw Oboe
2009-2011 Pam Rhodes TV Presenter
2011-201 Bryan Shaw Oboe
2013-Date Brian Mack Cello

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