Blow away the morning dew… and other songs

1. Blow away the morning dew – a Somerset folk song suite.                      Music: Douglas Coombes

(i)    Blow away the morning dew

(ii)   The crystal spring

(iii)  Green broom – Soloist: Carole Lindsay-Douglas

(iv)   Searching for lambs – Soloist: Anne Bunker

( v)   Hares on the mountain

(vi)   The wraggle taggle gipsies – Soloist: Elizabeth Gammell

(vii)  O Waly Waly (The water is wide)

(viii) High Germany – Soloist: Joy Osborne

(ix)   Never marry an old man – snores by Jennifer Wilkinson

(x)    Seventeen come Sunday – Soloist: Mandy Watson

(xi)   Blow away the morning dew

2    The Christ child’s lullaby – words: Father Ranald Rankin (1799-1863).             Traditional Eriskay folk melody arr: Douglas Coombes

3   Dance to your daddy – traditional Northumbrian folk song arr: Douglas Coombes

4   How can I keep from singing? – Words & Music: Robert Lowry (1826-1899) arr: Douglas Coombes

5   In Haven – words: Alice Elgar – music: Edward Elgar (1857 – 1934) Op. 37 no.2 arr: Douglas Coombes

6   Where corals lie – words: Richard Garnett – music: Edward Elgar (1857 – 1934) Op. 37 no.4 arr: Douglas Coombes

7   Chatter with the angels – Afro-American Spiritual arr: Douglas Coombes

8   Shenandoah – traditional North American folk son arr: Douglas Coombes

9   I will magnify thee, O Lord – Psalm 30 v.1 music: Joseph Corfe (1740-1820) arr: Douglas Coombes

10 On Jordan’s stormy banks – words: Samuel Stennett (1727-1795) music: traditional N. American arr: Douglas Coombes