How much my heart does love to sing …

1      An East Anglian Folk Song Suite – Douglas Coombes

i       The candlelight fishermen (Norfolk)

ii      Windy old weather (Norfolk)

iii      May Day carol (Cambridgeshire)

iv      The jolly carter (Essex)

v       Bushes and briars (Essex)

vi      John Barleycorn (Bedfordshire)

vii     The shooting of his dear (Essex)

viii    The old man from Lee (Essex)

ix     Down by the riverside (Essex)

x      Robin a-Thrush (Suffolk)

2     A tapestry of British Song – Douglas Coombes

i       If music be the food of love                                                                              (Words: Colonel Heveningham / Music: Henry Purcell)

ii      Turpin hero (England)

iii     Scarborough Fair (England)

iv     The stuttering lover (Ireland)

v      The Sally Gardens (Ireland)

vi     Song of a country girl (Wales)

vii    David of the white rock (Wales)

viii    Mairi’s wedding (Scotland)

ix      Eriskay love lilt (Scotland)

x      Oliver Cromwell (England)

3     How much my heart does love to sing                                                              (Words: David Self/Music: Douglas Coombes)